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brass knucks barbie, bitch.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
brass knucks barbie, bitch.

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FRiENDS ONLY, MOTHERFUCKER! [20 Nov 2020|12:00pm]


  • nobody under 21 [NO EXCEPTIONS]
  • no substance abusers [if you drink more than twice a week, you have a problem]
  • no shitty parents [if you have to ask, you probably are one]
  • no SLUTS [nuff said]
  • no chronic whiners or bitches
  • NO SEX/NUDE PIX journals [barf barf barf]
  • no absolutely irresponsible morons

if you don't comment on this friends only post and let me know you've added me first, i WILL NOT add you. it's just easier so i don't have to wonder when you added me or wonder who you are.

fuck all that. my one requirement: i don't want to read about welfare queens and shitty mothers; you know who you are.

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Bye bye Thomas [03 Dec 2012|07:04am]

I want to slap him :)

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Fire burning [18 Nov 2012|02:45am]

Omfg huge detailed entry tomorrow. With pics of the most gorgeous man I've met in my life. No joke.

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First date [17 Nov 2012|05:01pm]

Ants in my pants and butterflies in my tummy.

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Urges [23 Oct 2012|02:02pm]

I want to say no but I can't bring myself to. It was terrible and driving an hour for awful limp-dick sex is so stupid but I can't help myself and I hate it.

I desperately need to control my sex addiction before it gets me into serious shit. I need to get on ADD meds when I go back to the psych and get myself in fucking check.

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[21 Oct 2012|10:04am]

Date yesterday was bomb. He's really funny. His lips are fucking incredible, he's really strong so the make out sesh was hardcore and rough just how I like it but once it got a little farther, it was all downhill. I know, I know, I'm a bad bad woman. I'm just so horribly sexually frustrated and being hyper sexual makes NOT having sex with someone I like/want to rip their fucking clothes off excruciatingly difficult. Anyway, I stopped it after a minute because I really knew it was a bad idea (at least I caught myself before it could've been too late!) and finished him off otherwise.

I don't think I'll be seeing him again; his apartment was so messy with every kind of bulking and/or dietary supplement under the sun, dishes to the ceiling and his bathroom has a STACK of men's fitness mags. Creeptastic!

Gah, idk. This dating thing is a fucking nightmare.

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[19 Oct 2012|04:35pm]

I've noticed something. I thought it would be so hard to date after Sean, but it is been so easy and I have no problem actually finding guys to date. It's actually surprising how many guys actually like a chubby girl, or a single mom! I've had everybody from government lawyers to musicians to microbiologists (like this hot manmeat whos name is Ben btw) attempt to date me. Why the fuck did I stay so long with a fucking dead-end line cook that I couldn't stand?!

For years he brainwashed me by telling me nobody would ever put up with my shit or love me like he did but how much did he really love me if he ran off with some whore and ditch his wife and baby like we were the fucking plague? Apparently not very much.

For years, I believed him, truly thinking nobody else would really put up with my shit or love me like he did and here I am now with guys falling over each other and themselves to date me.

Only after he left I felt sexy, beautiful, sometimes even hot! I've got an awesome car, a stressful but important career, and now losing weight and about to schedule not only my sleeve but my breast augmentation. I'm so much better without him than I ever was with him.

So heres my open letter to him:

FUCK YOU, Sean! I am officially everything you ever wanted to be. You will never be on my fucking level and I'm not even a tenth of the way I'm going. You will go nowhere in life, you will be nothing in your entire pathetic existence. We will always be in the back of your head; the wife and child you left behind for some whore -- Forever eating away inside of you.

Final words: suck it.

Sincerely fuck you,
Jennifer and Roman

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Hot doctah to be [19 Oct 2012|12:40pm]

Date with this tomorrow? Yes, please!

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Are you fucking kidding me [18 Oct 2012|06:05pm]

Found out today Roman has hearing loss. In 10 days, more tests.

I'm just crushed.

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Hayer [10 Oct 2012|11:58pm]

And I forgot to post my newest experiment!

You likey? I haven't been able to go anywhere without getting tons of compliments. I think the turquoise is a winner!

PS. Did I mention I was 20 pounds down? I got my band filled on Monday and I'm on a liquid diet until next Monday and I'm supposed to be losing a few pounds a week from here on out. Pretty fucking stoked!

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Forever alone [10 Oct 2012|11:54pm]

I still miss Ron but every time I talk to someone awesome, my heart hurts a bit less.

Before I started dating this douche bag Josh and then Ron, I was talking to a Respiratory therapist in Georgia named JC. He is adorable as all get out, makes fantastic money, has his own paid off BMW (I'm not materialistic at all, but it just shows that he can take care of himself financially), his own place, and he thinks I'm pretty fucking awesome. He's going to come visit me the 25th through the 28th, and he says if things go great between us and we decide to pursue a relationship, he would move down here. What kind of a guy does that?! In amazing guy, that's who.

On the other hand, I started talking to a gorgeous, blue-eyed Jewish guy who lives in Delray Beach, about four hours south east. I think he's a musician or some shit. Jesus Christ, he is fucking gorgeous. I don't know what it is about him but he is just such a fucking doll.

I think that JC has better promise of an actual relationship, especially a long-term relationship. He's ready for kids, marriage, settling down, and that's really what I want. Obviously, it can't be with just anyone, so we'll have to see where and how things go. But I'm actually a little excited, actually really excited, but also really nervous. He's an adult! Most of the guys I date are stuck in their late teens, early 20s... but since JC is 29, he's really not only got his shit together, but he wants to continue moving forward as an adult. I'm not used to that. But that's really what I need.

Aside from that, my organization has been getting a lot of exposure within the community. I have a new client and her life is a real train wreck. I honestly don't know how I'm going to help her get her shit together, or if I'll even be able to but I'm at least going to try my best. This weekend, Adrian's coming over so we can work on our 501(c)(3) again since the IRS returned to us because they said it was incomplete and this will mean that we'll finally be able to apply for and receive not only grants but donations. We are in desperate need of the money from grants and donations, but we're doing the best that we can without them while we have to. But once those grants and donations start rolling in, we are going to explode. Not only my community, but the world will never be the same. Mark my words.

And yes, I know I'm going to receive comments about me needing to be by myself for a while, but I had actually decided that I was going to be by myself and just go to a sperm donor to have more kids in the future, probably next year, by myself until JC and I said talking more seriously and actually made plans for him to come down and I started talking to Matthew, the adorable blue-eyed Jew from Delray Beach. Holy run on sentence!

Who knows? Maybe neither of them will work out and I'll still have to go to the sperm donor next year. While I don't need a man to have a family, it sure would be nice. We will just have to see where things go!

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[09 Oct 2012|04:24pm]

If anything happens to me, my mother did it.

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Holes [06 Oct 2012|09:01pm]

I miss Ron so much and my life feels like there's a gaping fucking hole in it now. I've been attempting to keep myself busy with work and Roman but I've been having tons of downtime because the antibiotics I'm on for my strep & possibly mono ( I find out Monday ) put me in a constant state of confusion and drowsiness, so I have time to think and miss him.

Bah! Tomorrow, I finish up the new dye job and sort & box up clothing donations. I have to get done what I can before Saturday because my mom is flying to Puerto Rico because her mothers Alzheimer's is reaching a serious point where she's falling into catatonic episodes and forgetting who we are. She'll be gone like 10 days which means ill have NO help in those 10 days and I'm pretty fucking nervous.

Just.... Ugh.

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[02 Oct 2012|10:18pm]

Oh nm we just broke up. Fuck it.

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[27 Sep 2012|09:30am]

So I started talking to Ron again, that gorgeous guy with the long hair (which is now short), and he's pretty fucking amazing. He is sweet as fuck, hilarious, freaking gorgeous, the sex is superbomb, and we are so incredibly comfortable with each other that it doesn't feel like we finally met recently.

So he's my dude and I'm pretty fucking happy. I've got this incredible man, my org is blowing the fuck up, and I'm losing mad weight.

Basically life is crazy but awesome right now. Whoo!

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[16 Sep 2012|11:04am]

Ever since my mother "let jesus into her heart" she's been such a raging fucking cunt and those fucking morons at her "church" and her cuntrag of a sister are just egging her the fuck on. She had become the exact reason why I despise religion and refuse to expose my child to it. I know not every Christian is a hunk of wet snot but I seriously don't give a shit. For every "good Christian", there's 5,000 dickheads who will undoubtedly burn in whatever hell they believe in. At least I hope. Fuck them.


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falling [26 Mar 2012|09:32am]
so while Morgan and I were out at dinner after almost the entire day together (we'd dropped Roman off at home like an hour before to eat before the hockey game), I get a frantic phone call from my dad telling me our 52" flatscreen fell on Roman and its bad. I run out out for the restaurant with Morgan following and we haul ass home and I'm hysterical. when I get there, hes in bad shape, huge goose egg in the back of his head and hes really cut up. I pick him up still screaming and crying and Morgan gets us there so fast, bless that man. he calms down, gets checked out and cleared. I was so scared his skull was fractured or something, as a mother you always hope for the best, think the worst.

Im truly blessed at this point, I couldn't ask for a better man and that Roman is okay. that shit was fucking scary!

Ps posting from my kindle fucking sucks!
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kk [23 Oct 2011|01:52pm]
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